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FAQ's Of RVA Warriors Softball

What Is Your Organization’s Goal?


We have different goals for each age level but the main focus of the organization overall is to prepare each player to excel at the skills required to be successful when they move to the next age level of play...while ensuring each player continues to have fun throughout the developmental process.  

Are Your Coaches Experienced?


We have experienced coaches at all age levels. Our coaches have reputations for building fundamentally strong players with positive attitudes and great team bonds. Every coach on our staff has coached a successful softball team at various levels. The coaches we allow to wear our uniforms are some of the best in the RVA and their player retention rates prove this to be true.  


How Is The Team Funded? 

We do not require any "Bingo" participation at RVA Warriors, instead we depend on our annual fees and we hold 2-3 fundraisers per year that are typically "raffles" or "giveaways" rather than purely asking for cash donations. Rest assured that our organization pays close attention to the finances to ensure all teams are funded properly. 


 How Many Tournaments Do You Play In Each Year

Typically, each team will play in 4-5 tournaments in the Fall and 8-10 in the Spring season with the later part of Summer left open for family vacations. Each coach will have their tournament schedule posted in advance so you can plan your schedules in advance. 

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